Isam’s first concert (alone)

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As you may have seen on Isam’s myspace he is doing a concert in copenhagen the 22.11.07 the concert starts at 21:00 if someone is wondering and the tickets are super cheap. You can order tickets here The concert will be at the Lille Vega/Small vega door 145.

On the vega site they also said some stuff about Isam ;

One third of the Danish rap group Outlandish Isam B released in August his first solo album, which was very well received by the Danish critics. The title of the album is Institution, which is also the name of his first single. The album is in Danish. The single “Institution” has had a lot of airplay on the Danish radio stations.

The album is a refreshing experience for the listener with songs about living in Denmark in the year 2007. The style of the album can best be described as Danish urban based singer-songwriter


Isam B.

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isam b
Isam made a new interview in danish. In the video you can see few clips from his upcoming music videos (danish songs)

for the video ;

also remember to send in a video to Isam for his ‘in denmark am i born’ music video! you can do that here on the sony bmg site ; you have to live in denmark i think to do this.
isam b


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This is yet another outlandish fansite. I’ll update all the news and pictures of the guys and just everything that is going on with them.