More interviews – in english

isam b

Danish news paper (the pic on the left) :

‘I love to sing in danish and when we did ‘Man binder os pa mund og hand’ i thought it was not different to sing in english.’

‘In denmark am i’s there i live , when i read it (the song) i thought ‘It’s me’ and i thought it would be fun to sing it.’

 On the channel DR1 (the news) :

Some danes say that Isam’s album is this year most importent album , after listening to it. The singer is known from the group Outlandish. He wanted to make an album and made 10 songs of his everyday life in denmark 2007. He sings about love , war and the 24 rule.

‘The song has touched some of my friends (Alle veje forer til malmo) , the 24 rule and all that. I write about what i see and what i feel..i thought it also should be space for that.’

‘I would say if you are gonna say something about tolerance you have to know something about it.’


~ by snulla on October 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “More interviews – in english”

  1. thank you so much!!!!
    you are now our official translator!
    welcome to the team for bringing all things outlandish!!!!

  2. thanks again 🙂
    24 rule? hvað er það? :S


  3. haha ég veit það ekki ;P

  4. núnú..takk samt.
    og ekki gleyma að heimsækja okkur á elmoro4life, það vantar smá stuð ;DD

    wit luv,

  5. fer oft inná sú síðu 🙂

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