New Interview with Isam

isam b
Isam made another new interview with the danish show called “Good Morning Denmark” he talks about his wife that he heard her sing the song “in denmark am i born” so he wanted to sing it. (Awww talking about his wife) Then he also said that the story about outlandish wanting a singer on dr juleshow to cover up are not true.

I didn’t watch it on tv..this was like at 07:45 in the morning. And i didn’t know about it.


~ by snulla on September 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “New Interview with Isam”

  1. hi if you dont mind me asking how do you know what hes saying?
    do you speak danish or understand it…
    could you translate it for us properly please thank you
    by the way…wat is the story about the JULESHOW thing??????

  2. Hi Aisha! i will translate it for you! (i’ll post it)
    I live in denmark and i have lived here for 3 years and yes i understand danish and i speak it as well but im not danish though.

    About the juleshow thing..they guys were singing I only ask of god on a juleshow/christmas show and there were some stories of the guys that they would’t sing with her if she didn’t cover up (she was showing some skin) then they would’t sing with her (if she didn’t do that) but as Isam says in the interview that was not true. 😉 that was like last year.

  3. thank you so much it will mean alot to all outlandish fans!!
    especially on the outlandish forum!
    there r other videos too
    if u could help us
    cos i really want to know wat he says
    and im sure other fans want to too!!!
    thank you so much!!!!

  4. i’ll see if i can translate the other interviews! might be some words i have to fight with ;P

  5. In danish?Anyway i love OUTLANDISH,and i’m a fan nr 1.

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