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Hi ya’all..sorry for not updating much..but here is a pic of my OL albums. I only need their second album so i have them all. I live in their country so why is it so hard for me to find it ?

oops¬†you can’t see the Isam album =/



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Never seen these pictures of the guys=)


Tv2 Radio

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Isam did a new interview with the¬†Tv2 radio people..i listen to that¬† radio alot but i don’t know if it actually came on the radio. It’s a danish radio channel.

“When i was writing it came in¬†danish and¬†that was a little weird. So i talked to the recording studio people. I had 10 thoughts/10 songs.¬†I was like give¬†me a studio and just let me try something new. I only wanted to make 10 songs , not 11 just 10. The biggest difference about not singing in english but in danish is that its more naked.

About the song entertainer : I thought it was me. I have a mask on me..everyone has.

More interviews – in english

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isam b

Danish news paper (the pic on the left) :

‘I love to sing in danish and when we did ‘Man binder os pa mund og hand’ i thought it was not different to sing in english.’

‘In denmark am i born..it’s there i live , when i read it (the song) i thought ‘It’s me’ and i thought it would be fun to sing it.’

 On the channel DR1 (the news) :

Some danes say that Isam’s album is this year most importent album , after listening to it. The singer is known from the group Outlandish. He wanted to make an album and made 10 songs of his everyday life in denmark 2007. He sings about love , war and the 24 rule.

‘The song has touched some of my friends (Alle veje forer til malmo) , the 24 rule and all that. I write about what i see and what i feel..i thought it also should be space for that.’

‘I would say if you are gonna say something about tolerance you have to know something about it.’

Isam’s interview (in english!!)

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I thought i should translate the interview with Isam that he did for Good Morning Denmark since not everyone can understand danish. I can’t put subtitles on the video since i don’t know how to do that but i’ll just translate it. This is most of it what he said but not everything. (It’s a little hard to translate some of his words)

It’s been going very well with Outlandish so why did you think “i’ll still go Solo” ? Isam : I don’t really think about it , we were working on our new album and i was going to write lyrics and then it came in danish and that was a problem (because you sing in english ?) Yeah we always want to the world to¬†understand (what they are singing about) and im happy that i have a team¬† where i have a chance to take a break , i had 10 thougts that i made music of.

Why was it importent for you to have ‘In denmark am i born’ on the album ? Isam : It was not importent , it’s a beautiful song that my wife told me about , im married..starting the 6 month (So you listen really well to what she said ?) Yeah..when she sings i don’t really listen that much but it was something about this song (It was her that was singing it ?) Yeah it was her..i don’t know why she sings songs like that but she does.¬†

What do you want people to get out of your songs ? Isam : It’s really up to the people…for me music means more then just a beat and hit..but that you write songs that touches people’s hearts is something you should’t¬†take for granted.

And you are a muslim , you pray 5 times a day and would’t dream of eating pig meat and is born in denmark. Has it been hard for one of these things ? Isam : No not really..

Has someone tried to make it hard ? Isam : When we are outside of denmark there is not focus on where we are from but in denmark there is.

It has also been stories about Outlandish , you were on Dr’s christmas show and there was this lady and you would’t sing with her if she would’t cover a little up (was showing some skin) What is in these stories ? Isam : Not much..something that Outlandish had to take with us as part of the game (So there is nothing in it that is true ?) No..

Congrats for all to the positive comments on the album , Isam : thanks so much. There was only one site/newspaper that gave Isam six stars:( i love the album i give him 100.

Screen caps (music videos)

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I took some screen caps of Look into my eyes , Walou and I only ask of god
i’ll be adding more screen caps to the gallery.

New Interview with Isam

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isam b
Isam made another new interview with the danish show called “Good Morning Denmark” he talks about his wife that he heard¬†her sing the song “in denmark am i born” so he wanted to sing it. (Awww talking about his wife) Then he also said that the story about outlandish wanting a singer on dr juleshow to cover up are not true.


I didn’t watch it on tv..this was like at 07:45 in the morning. And i didn’t know about it.